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  • www.e31.net has been online for ten years now!
  • Added price list section.
  • The links have been updated and cleaned up.
  • A new image has been added. From now on photos will be available in high resolution (4500 x 3000 pixel) as well. Sometime in summer I will start and remove the old photos that were still taken with an analog camera and then scanned.
  • Removed some HTML glitches ;).
  • It's been ages since the last update and still nothing has really happened. e31.net has a new design but the content is the same as before. At least for now. Sometimes life puts quite a spoke in one's wheel but e31.net does go on. I have now more time to spend on this website.
  • Even before the redesign e31.net didn't use Flash, JavaScript or CSS and now the navigation frame has been lost, too. The site is now compatible with every browser on any system - including cell phones and fridges ;)
  • Traffic still is a problem. Because of the huge videos (and flatrates having become common) e31.net generated up to a terabyte of traffic a month. That caused another unlimited traffic offer to reach its limits. The biggest videos have thus been removed.
  • The videos are online again! Now - as often was requested - there are longer versions of some videos in higher resolution and better quality, MPEG-2 and AVI. The traffic issue has finally been solved.
  • Unfortunately I must say that no provider that seems to offer unlimited traffic offers unlimited traffic. After another webhoster "collapsed" under the load of e31.net (>120GB/month) I had to take the videos offline again. So be careful when someone offers you unlimited traffic!
  • Put the A2 clip online again, and added a new video that shows an 850CSi at 300kph / 186mph.
  • www.e31.net is still alive! In the last twelve months I had quite some work to do and was unable to look after the website - I didn't even answer to emails. I am sorry for that! Updates will start to occur on a more regular basis again.
  • The Image Section has been cleaned up a little. Not only are the thumbnails now displayed in four columns, six of the old analogue photos have been removed an ten new, digital ones, have been added.
  • Replaced the old coin-on-the-engine clip in the Video Section with an updated version. It has higher resolution and data rate and in addition shows the engine being started(!) with the coin on top. Also the coin is a Euro now ;-)
  • In the Video Section the 'CSi in Action' clip wasn't correctly linked! You got the wrong (one of the old ones) when clicking it. Sorry about that! Error is now corrected.
  • Added two new MPEGs to the Video Section. The 'CSi in Action' video is mainly a cut from the old Acceleration until 4th gear-, Hill- and Country Road-clips but contains two new scenes. The 155 mph video is now 80 seconds long instead of only 10.
  • Thus the old MPEGs (Acceleration, Hill and Country Road) as well as the old 155 mph clip have been removed.
  • Added six new pictures hinzugefügt
  • . In order to be able to provide the best possible quality, all images will be taken with a digital photo camera from now on. The old 'analog' pictures will be replaced by digital equivalents over the year where possible.
  • Put a different image on the start page.
  • Pointed out the differences between Euro-spec and US-spec 850CSi in the model section and put an image of the M8-prototype's S70/1 engine there as well.
  • Added the 'Model-Section'. There all different 8 series models and prototypes are presented along with some new pieces of information.
  • Because of that new section, several chapters from 'General' have been removed. The section itself was moved down.
  • The Technical Data went up in the menu.
  • Production and shipment figures can now be found in the Model-Section;, and the previously quite hidden article about the M8 prototype as well.
  • www.e31.net has been online for two years now
  • A2 video removed.
  • Added a note to the Web statistics which explains the very high traffic in November.
  • Because of the speed limit on the german A2, there is a video of it available in the video section, but until december only.
  • Added a new MPEG.
  • Added a statement that says that all the information on this site mainly relate to the Euro-spec versions.
  • Added Gear diagrams in the 'Technical data' section.
  • Differences in gearing between Euro- and US-spec cars added in 'Technical Data'.
  • Changed the texts in 'General' a little so that they don't contradict each other (sports car issue).
  • Removed many of the question marks in Technical Data
  • Oops, no update for four months... so here is a little acceleration clip which I discovered on an old tape.
  • Due to high demand (by those using DSL ;-) I added an area in the video section for longer MPEGs with higher resolution and datarate. An MPEG has been added as well.
  • Bug removed which let the navigation bar vanish on some occasions on the german pages.
  • Torque diagram of the 850CSi added to illustrate the article about torque in 'Misc'.
  • FAQ section added.
  • Miscellaneous section added for things that won't fit anywhere else. Article about torque and the secret OBC-codes published.
  • Y2K bug moved to 'Misc'.
  • Extended the text 'The reality...' in 'General' with the paragraph 'Sports car...?!'.
  • Added new links and updated older ones.
  • Added pictures of the meeting in Hanover - finally ;-)
  • The item 'Contact' in the navigation frame is now called 'Email'.
  • www.e31.net has been online for one year :-)
  • The official name of this site has changed to www.e31.net. Please update your bookmarks
  • Now trying to organize a meeting of 8-series owners.
  • Along with the change of the domain name, this site will in the future provide information of other 8-series models than the 850CSi as well.
  • Comparison of engine data moved to Technical data.
  • Added the 850i in the Technical data secion.
  • Because Europe's biggest webhoster (who unfortunately is hosting this site as well) has been completely unable to fulfill even parts of the contract for quite a while, there have been severe downloading problems (especially the MPEG movies) which resulted in incomplete transfers.
    Because of this all the movies are now located on a different server. Please excuse the problems you may have experienced. They should no longer exist.
  • Link section removed. Because of legal reasons which make a site commercial only by a link to a commercial site being included. When banners are placed on the site or even links which refer to pages with banners on them, it becomes a commercial one as well. Because of these circumstances dropping the entire link page seemed to be the only safe way.
  • Updated the 'Inside / On-board computer' section with information about the Check Control system
  • Links added to the news section to be able to jump directly to the updated material
  • News section visually optimized
  • The title of the 'Inside' page still said 'Innenraum'. Translated now.
  • Y2K-Bug added in 'General'
  • By clicking the 'Last update' link on the start page you can go directly to this news page