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Automatic air conditioning

Temperature selector for left/right side of car
The temperature control is switched on and off at the rotary knob on the driver's side.
Left-hand limit position: no heating effect, maximum cooling output, temperature control off.
As the control is turned to the right, away from the detent position: temperature control cuts in.
Right-hand limit position (detent): maximum heating output, temperature control off (also emergency position if a fault develops in the electronic temperature control system).
The scales are merely intended as a guide to the interior temperature. The selected setting is reached as quickly as possible and does not normally need to be adjusted subsequently.
On/Off switch and selector for airflow volume
Position 0: system switched off, air intake closed.
Turned to the right as far as first detent: system switched on, minimum airflow. Turned farther to the right: airflow increases.
Right-hand limit position (detent): maximum airflow volume (also emergency position if a fault develops in the electronic blower control system).
Program buttons for air distribution to left and right sides of car


Air distribution is controlled automatically if this button is pressed. With only a few exceptions, this program can be used in all normal driving conditions.
Depending on actual temperatures, the air inlets are opened and closed automatically.
However, the air emerging from the facia grilles can be varied seperately in temperature.

Air distribution through all grilles and outlets

This program is recommended in warm weather, for instance, if extra ventilation or cooling of the footwell areas is needed.

Airflow to the footwell outlets only

This program is recommended in cool weather, for example, when airflow from the grilles is not wanted, or to heat up the footwells rapidly. The demisting outlets are also slightly open.
Pushbutton for maximum demisting and drying of the windscreen and side windows
The windscreen and side windows can be cleared and dried rapidly with this program. The previously selected program is not lost.
For maximum effect, the engine must be at its regular operating temperature.
Pressing this button again (the LED goes out) automatically restores the system's previous settings.
The first time this button is pressed after starting the engine, the rear window heating is also switched on.
Air conditioning
When this button is pressed, the air conditioning compressor is switched on above approximately +1°C outside temperature in all programs. The air is either cooled and dried or only dried as necessary.
At the maximum cooling setting, the system switches over automatically to recirculated-air operation and the defroster outlets are closed.
Recirculated-air operation


Fresh air is drawn through a microfilter. This filters up to 100% of all pollen and up to 60% of dust particles in the air.

Recirculated-air operation

If the outside air is dusty or smells objectionable, no outside air will reach the car's interior. The air already inside passes through the system repeatedly. The air conditioning is switched on automatically to improve the quality of air.

Automatic Recirculated Air operation

The system identifies peak pollutant loads in the outside air and prevents them from reaching the car's interior. A sensor measures the level of pollutants in the outside air. If the values increase, the system switches over automatically to recirculated-air operation.